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Piocos Voter Registration Canceled


Roosevelt County Clerk and Recorder Cheryl Hansen said Monday, Dec. 5, that her office had completed its investigation in to the complaint filed claiming that Roosevelt County Attorney Frank Piocos falsely filed as an elector.

She said that Piocos had been sent notice that his voter registration had been canceled.

Roosevelt County resident and Northern Plains Independent publisher Darla Downs had filed an affidavit of individual challenging an elector which claimed that Piocos falsely claimed 202 Broadway Ave. Apartment 300 in Culbertson as his residence.

Lessor, NPI editor James Walling, says Piocos has never occupied that commercial office and the lease was not for an apartment.

Though Piocos has been deemed not a registered voter, his election as county attorney has not yet been deemed invalid.

Downs said she plans to take the next step in holding Piocos accountable for deceiving the residents of Roosevelt County and challenge the validity of his election as county attorney.

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