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Northern Plains Independent Staff After he failed to move to Roosevelt County prior to the 2022 elections, one has to wonder if Frank Piocos truly wants to serve the county residents as its county attorney.

Last week, Northern Plains Independent publisher Darla Downs filed an affidavit of individual challenging that Piocos was a legal elector in Roosevelt County. To earn election to any county position, a person needs to be an elector of that county.

Why is this important? Besides that it’s against the law, it’s extremely beneficial for an elected official to actually know and live with the people that they represent.

Other elected officials of Roosevelt County embrace being residents of their communities and the county. You can often see them at community events and some volunteer their time in order to make their home county a better place to live. They are called public servants for a reason.

You would think that Mr. Piocos would be excited to be Roosevelt County’s attorney and be part of our communities. We haven’t seen that to be the case.

In an official response, he notes that he gets his vehicle repaired in Roosevelt County and feels that shows he is part of the county.

Mr. Piocos said he has the intent to be a resident of Roosevelt County, but there have been no examples of this. We haven’t seen him at any other community activities or making an effort to visit with residents outside of his office.

When this newspaper hosted a forum for sheriff and commissioner candidates last May, he was nowhere to be seen. If he truly cares about this county, wouldn’t you think he would take that opportunity to visit with a potential new sheriff or commissioner?

Instead, Piocos appears to have felt no one would question if he misled voters by putting down an address where he never lived on his voter registration form.

Roosevelt County residents deserve better. If he had really moved to the county prior to the election, maybe he would appreciate our residents a little more. Instead, he attempted to pull the wool over all our eyes.

It is our belief that Piocos has demonstrated a tendency to stretch the truth. This is not acceptable from the county’s legal representative. Again, we deserve better.

Staff and multiple county residents weren’t fooled by Mr. Piocos and asked the Northern Plains Independent

to do something. Our publisher responded when she filed the complaint with the Roosevelt County Clerk and Recorder’s Office seeking his elector status be deemed invalid.

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