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Cowboys Voted To All-State Team


Five players from the Culbertson Cowboys have been voted to the Class C All-State football team. The players are senior Colin Avance, senior Justice Bengochea, senior Kobe Nickoloff, senior Payton Perkins and sophomore Bridger Salvevold.

Also selected All-State from the Eastern C were Fairview’s Hunter Sharbono, Circle’s Jaron Taylor, Scobey’s Gage Hallock, Circle’s Beau Beery, Circle’s Arley Idland, Ekalaka’s Jaden Pardee and Circle’s Donavon Gibbs.

Culbertson players selected for the eight-man all-star game were Avance, Nickoloff, Bengochea and Perkins. Hugh Donaldson is an alternate for the game.

Avance, Nickoloff and Bengochea were each two-way All-Conference selections. Perkins was named first team on offense and second team on defense. Salvevold was a first-time pick on offense. Earning second team honors on defense for the Cowboys were Donaldson, Mark Kirkaldie and Reece Moon. Kirkaldie also earned second team honors on offense.

The first team on offense included: Salvevold and Circle’s Beery at quarterback; Nickoloff, Bengochea, Fairview’s Sharbono, Scobey’s Hallock and Circle’s Taylor at running back; Fairview’s Landen Thompson at center; Avance and Circle’s Idland at guard; and Perkins and Circle’s Gibbs at end.

First team picks on defense were: Bengochea, Fairview’s Sharbono, Fairview’s Brock Schlothauer, Scobey’s Hallock and Circle’s Taylor at linebacker; Avance, Scobey’s Tucker Aanstad, Circle’s Idland and Ekalaka’s Pardee as linemen; Nickoloff, Scobey’s Boen Tande and Circle’s Beery at defensive back.

Second team selections on offense included Fairview’s Jeff Tjelde and MonDak’s Adam Paine at quarterback; Fairview’s Martin Manuel and Poplar’s Gage Berg at running back; Ekalaka’s Pardee at center; Fairview’s Dylan Lorenz, Fairview’s Walker Whitmus and Circle’s Grady Richardson at guard; Kirkaldie, Fairview’s Derek Gackle, Circle’s Breckyn White and Plentywood’s Easton Tommerup at end. Second team picks on defense were Donaldson, Fairview’s Curt Rice Jr., Plentywood’s Ben Hagen and Poplar’s Gage Berg at linebacker; Perkins, Kirkaldie, Fairview’s Gavin Sarafini, Circle’s Gibbs and Plentywood’s Tate Marriage as linemen; and Moon, Fairview’s Manuel and Fairview’s Tjelde as defensive back. Culbertson and Fairview each made the semi-final round during this season’s playoffs. Circle lost in the opening round.

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