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Indians Win Titles At Meet


The Poplar Indians prepared for the upcoming state meet by competing at the Plentywood Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 15.

In the girls’ division, Poplar won the title with 17 points. Scobey was second with 23 and Plentywood took third with 28 points.

Poplar’s Reinita Irizarry ran the course in 22:03.94 for third-place honors. Plentywood’s Annie Kaul won the race at 19:36.15.

Jazmyn Carrywater of Poplar placed sixth at 23:00.87.

Poplar’s Mattie Falls Down finished eighth at 23:30.17. Kacie Colgran took ninth at 23:50.82.

Blake Follette earned 12th place at 23:57.95. Bailey Dupree finished 21st at 26:29.49.

Alara Parshall took 28th at 27:51.26. Caidryn Archambault placed 31st at 28:07.52.

In the boys’ division, the Indians placed three runners in the top 10. Kaniel Ricker earned seventh at 20:12.06, Geordy Medicine Lake placed eighth at 20:15.63 and Miles Boxer finished ninth at 20:18.32.

The Indians earned firstplace honors through a tie-breaker as a team with 18 points. Poplar tied with Trinity Christian and Plentywood.

Richey/Lambert’s Robin James finished first overall at 18:58.29.

Poplar’s Navarjo Escarcega took 12th place with a time of 20:47.55. Wilder Bearcub placed 15th at 21:01.57.

Raylando Red Eagle earned 20th place at 21:38.32. Eljin Grey Bear finished 24th at 22:01.08.

Finesse Headdress was 29th at 22:49.93. Delray Lilley took 30th at 22:59.76.

Leading Brockton’s girls was Lucille Hart with a time of 25:42.63 for 17th place.

Brockton’s Taylor Cummins took 38th at 30:14.03. Courtney Spottedwolf finished 40th at 30:38.38.

Tamryn Bauer placed 42nd at 30:51.83. Isabella Apple took 44th with a time of 32:06.03. Tatawna Youngman was 51st at 44:56.55.

Brockton’s girls took seventh with 79 points.

Leading Brockton’s boys was Ronnie Black Dog in 33rd place with a time of 24:48.49.

Brockton’s Quannah First That Walks placed 37th at 25:14.95.

Teams will compete at state meets in Missoula on Saturday, Oct. 22.

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