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Sugar Beet Harvest To Start Oct. 1

Sugar beet harvest is scheduled to begin on Oct. 1, in eastern Montana.

“All locations will start on Oct. 1,” Duane Peters, agricultural manager at Sidney Sugars, said.

Despite being down on acres, Peters said there are reasons to expect a successful harvest. A total of 18,300 acres are contracted in the area this year.

“All the areas are looking good,” Peters said. “We’re very pleased with all of them.”

Based on their last samples, Peters said it looks like tons per acre will be about 29.

“For this year, it’s pretty good,” Peters said.

The sugar contest percentage seems to be about average.

“We’re happy to see that,” Peters said.

He’s hoping for nice, cool weather for the next several weeks.

He added the factory staff is fully staffed, but applications are being accepted for positions.

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