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Facilities Committee Reviews Possible Projects

Tyler Bush, project manager for McKinstry, reviewed possible building projects and estimated costs with Wolf Point’s school district’s facilities committee Tuesday, Sept. 13.

The projects are planned to be paid for through COVID-related ESSER funds.

Topping the list of priorities was window replacements at Northside Elementary School. The $190,000 project will include replacement of 15 sets of four segment windows within approximately three different substrates.

Another high priority was identified as new bleachers and announcers’ booth at the high school’s football/track field. Teacher Dan Horsmon, who serves as the announcer at football games, said, “The roof has physically moved.”

Activities director Eric Peterson agreed that it’s a safety concern.

The project is estimated to cost $685,000.

Committee members agreed that upgrades to the HVAC systems at all schools is also a priority. Estimated costs are $490,000 at Northside, $210,000 at Southside and $315,000 at the junior high and high school.

Other possible projects include $155,000 for network improvements at Northside, $210,000 for network improvement at Southside and $545,000 for a new storage building at the football field.

There are three options for upgrades to the high school’s weight room, locker rooms and wrestling room. Option 2 was recommended that includes an addition of 3,730 feet and a remodel of 870 square feet. The weight room would be 2,000 square feet. The remaining 2,600 would be used as a wrestling room. There was discussion to change the plans so that the school would feature four locker rooms, but no final decisions were made.

Total for all projects is $5,050,000. School officials said that administrators will meet to discuss the projects and whether they need to reapply to the Office of Public Instruction for Esser funds when some projects cost more than anticipated. The administrators’ proposals will then come to the facilities committee before going to the school board for approval.

Community meetings also need to be held to give the public a chance to provide input.

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