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Library Board Discusses Strategic Plan

The Roosevelt County Library board held their regular meeting July 23 via Zoom.

Chairperson Beth Hekkel was in attendance, as were vice-chair Joyce Harvey, trustees Helen Welte, Perry Lilley Sr., Vernice Madison and director Janet Livingston.

Montana State library consultant Suzanne Reymer attended the meeting as a guest. The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m.

The board discussed a needed strategic plan for library standards. “In the near future,” said Livingston, “Montana Libraries will need to have a Strategic Plan in place to meet the Public Library Standards set by the Montana State Library. Suzanne Reymer talked a little about the importance of having a plan and ideas on how to write one. This plan will take some time to research and write and will be started at the next meeting. Reymer will be our consultant throughout the process.”

A draft was approved for the updated meeting procedures with new additions.

Culbertson and Froid librarians Leona Colvin and Sheri Harvey reported that turnout very good for The Lego Guy performances and said the summer reading programs are going well.

The HOPA books are going fast, but are still available, according to Livingston.

The minutes from the May 28, 2022 were reviewed. There were no corrections or additions. Vernie made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Helen second. Motion carried.

An Eastern Montana workshop for directors, trustees and local government officials is scheduled for September 12 in Sidney. Livingston is planning to attend.

The library is still waiting for the planned Library Network Upgrade Project to begin. The security cameras are still on backorder.

Reymer provided the “Short Takes for Trustees” recording, the fourth video in a series about advocacy.

The next meeting is tentatively set for October 1 via Zoom. Contact your local library for more information or visit rooseveltcountylibrary. org.

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