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Patrol Reports Truck, Tractor Crash

An accident involving a Kenworth truck and a tractor resulted in just minor injuries to one of the drivers on Wednesday, Aug. 12.

The accident occurred at about 1:25 p.m. on U.S. Highway 2, mile marker 605, between Poplar and Wolf Point.

The Montana Highway Patrol reports that the 2000 semi, transporting a load of round hay bales, was traveling west. The John Deere tractor, owned by the Montana Department of Transportation, was mowing on the north side of the highway.

The driver of the truck observed the mower, slowed down and continued in his lane. When the mower attempted to steer around a post, the mower struck one of the hay bales on the truck.

Speed was not a factor in the incident. Not citations were issued.

The 63-year-old Wolf Point man, who drove the tractor, was taken to the Poplar Hospital for what are believed to be minor injuries. The truck was driven by a 71-year-old male from Turner. There was significant damage done to the tractor.

Also responding to the scene were the Poplar Fire Department, Poplar EMS and the Fort Peck Tribes.

All 50 states have a move over law … no matter where you travel, slow down and move over for emergency, towing and highway workers. It’s the law and it saves lives.

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