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Players Grow with Training Skills During Basketball Camp


Area players gained more insight about basketball when Ro Wiggins of GROw Training held camps at Frontier Elementary School and Poplar last week.

Wiggins competed in the sport at the junior college level in Wyoming and then for a Division III school in Texas. He has conducted camps for the last five years and has reached 16 states.

He explained that he likes to push the importance of training during his camps. He started his interest in training when he began working out with his younger brother, who is now playing football at Oklahoma State University. He noted that his family couldn’t afford to go to camps so he thought of routines to help his brother.

Following that, he began working with students on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. After he began making videos and got consistent with creating content, the program started to grow.

“I didn’t take training seriously when I was a kid,” Wiggins admitted, so he wants to help youngsters understand the importance of training.

His goal is to help players anyway that they feel is needed.

“I meet the player where they are,” Wiggins said of ability. “Whether it’s fundamentals or developing skills.”

He sees players improving in Montana overall. “There’s a lot of untapped potential here,” he said.

His advice is that players should focus on progression not perfection.

“Stay the course and work to get better,” Wiggins said.


Ro Wiggins provides instruction during the basketball camp held at Frontier

School last week.

(Photo by Bill Vander Weele)

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