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Area Runners Place At Fort Peck Race

Runners from Wolf Point enjoyed good success during Fort Peck’s Longest Dam Run on Saturday, June 18.

Wolf Point’s Ethan Blount finished first in the 10K with a time of 38:07.1. Peter Davies of Wolf Point placed third at 45:55.3.

Poplar’s Stacy Standing ran the course in 1:22.33.8 to earn 15th place in the female division. Glasgow’s Michelle Huntsman earned first at 48:57.7.

Wolf Point’s Peyton Summers topped 5K runners at 17:53.5. Wolf Point’s Kholby SpottedWolf finished second at 18:25.2.

Frazer’s Alan Kliewer was 10th at 25:16.4. Frazer’s Markell Blount took 11th at 25:41.6.

Wolf Point’s Sierra Summers finished second in the women’s 5K at 21:38.3. Glasgow’s Tanae Baker earned first at 21:07.8.

Poplar’s Cali Gorder was ninth at 26:44.6. Wolf Point’s Stacey Summers took 15th at 28:40.2.

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