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Wolf Point Police Blotter

( Publisher’s Note: The following blotter includes the activities of the Wolf Point police and fire departments Dec. 26 through Jan. 9. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent.)

Citations were issued to:

December 28

Tisha Reddog, 36, female, 400 block of Cascade Street, warrant, tribal court.

December 30

Francis Bauer, 34, male, 500 block of Indian Street, resisting arrest and aggravated disorderly conduct, tribal court.

December 31

Gabreal Hansen, 19, female, Third Avenue North and Johnson Street, operating without liability insurance in effect, municipal court.

Delia Dumont-Clark, 22, female, Third Avenue North and Johnson Street, driving without a valid driver’s license and no insurance, tribal court.

Elivs Follet Jr., 42, male, 400 block of Cascade Street, criminal trespass to property, tribal court.

January 3

Billy Escarcega, 34, male, 400 block of Helena Street, criminal mischief and fleeing or eluding a peace officer, tribal court.

January 5

William Balbinot Jr., 57, male, 100 block of Front Street, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, tribal court.

Coreen Smith, 39, female, 200 block of Idaho Street, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal possession of dangerous drugs and partner/family member assault, tribal court.

In addition to the citations above, the WPPD had the following activity from Dec. 27 to Jan. 2: abandoned auto, one; accident/traffic, one; alarm/burglary, three; alarm/business, three; alarm/ school, four; animal/other, two; assault, two; assistance required/public, five; burglary/ residential/forcible, one; criminal mischief, two; disorderly conduct/fight, one; disorderly conduct, four; disturbance/ arguments, one; disturbance/ remove unwanted person, five; domestic abuse, five; domestic/family disturbance, one; drugs/found paraphernalia, one; driving under the influence/alcohol, one; fire, one; medical assistance, four; missing person/child, one; motor vehicle theft, one; patrol/city limits, two; public intoxication, one; runaway/ female, one; simple assault, one; stolen property/recovered, one; suicide attempt/ adult male, one; theft of motor vehicle, one; traffic crime/ reckless driver, one; traffic injury/ran off road, one; traffic property/fixed object, one; traffic property/hit and run, one; trespassing, one; unattended death, one; vandalism/ residence, one; warrants/ federal, one; warrants/ tribal, one; welfare check, seven; public assistance, one; total, 75.

In addition to the citations above, the WPPD had the following activity from Jan. 3-9: accident/traffic, one; alarm/ burglary, one; alarm/other, three; alarm/school, two; animal/ dog bite, one; animal/ found, one; animal/other, two; assault, three; assistance required/ public, four; attempted burglary/residential, one; disorderly conduct/fight, one; disorderly conduct, one; disturbance/ arguments, two; disturbance/ panhandling, one; disturbance/remove unwanted person, four; domestic/ family disturbance, one; duplicate call, one; harassment, one; kidnapping/custodial interference, one; medical assistance, two; other, two; patrol/ city limits, six; runaway/ female, one; sex offence/juvenile male victim, one; suicide/ adult male, one; suspicious circumstances, one; theft, five; theft/shoplifting, one; traffic crime/careless driving, one; traffic crime, one; traffic incident, four; traffic property/other, two; trespassing, one; unauthorized use of motor vehicle, two; vandalism, one; vandalism/motor vehicle, one; vandalism/residence, one; weapon offense, one; welfare check, three; total, 70.

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