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Commissioners Approve Agreement For Project

The Roosevelt County commissioners approved an agreement with Bartlett & West for the county’s right of way project during a meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 16.

Commissioners also approved a task order payment of $65,100 to the company for an action plan and to develop the process for the plan.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers had earlier explained that about 75 percent of the roads in the county don’t have proper right of ways.

“It’s a huge plan,” Oelkers said. “Lawyers and abstract people have been asking for this for quite a while.”

Commissioners have put $100,000 in this year’s budget for the project. The amount is coming from non-restrictive CARES funds. Commissioners said they still have $1.8 million of those funds.

Oelkers hopes the project can be completed during the next three years.

“I’m still wondering if it can be done on the reservation,” Commissioner Gary Macdonald added.

Also during the meeting, commissioners approved $13,581 in American Rescue Plan Act funds for a water main project in Culbertson.

Oelkers said the project will cost a total of $203,000, but Culbertson is receiving funding from other sources as well.

Culbertson is working on preparations of engineering plans for the replacement of two sections of water mains to be completed in cooperation with the Montana Department of Transportation project.

Commissioners want to use ARPA funding for water, sewer and broadband projects in every community of Roosevelt County.

“This is a good start,” Commissioner Duane Nygaard said.

Commissioners approved the hiring of Caleb Pendleton to the detention center. Laci Charlton was hired for dispatch.

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