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One In Three COVID Cases Now Hospitalized In County

As the cases of COVID requiring hospitalizations continues to climb in Roosevelt County, the Food and Drug Administration has released information on booster shots for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine booster is half the dose of the initial shots used in its two-shot vaccination. The company’s analysis says data on the immune response and side effects seen in people studied supports the use of a booster in people ages 18 and older six months or longer after initial immunization. The company cited an increase in breakthrough infections seen from the delta variant as a justification for a booster especially for senior citizens and those individuals at high risk.

An analysis by Johnson & Johnson shows a booster given to people 18 and older six months or longer after initial vaccination with a single shot has a favorable risk-benefit balance. The company said its data supports a booster as soon as two months after the first for higher risk individuals.

Area Statistics

As of Tuesday, Oct. 12, Roosevelt County has 25 active cases and seven current hospitalizations. There have been 57 COVID-related deaths reported in the county.

As of Friday, Oct. 8, Valley County’s active count was 120 cases. There have been 1,168 total cases and 23 reported COVID-reported deaths. COVID

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Daniels County had 19 active cases as of Tuesday, Oct. 12. The county has 229 recovered cases and 257 cumulative cases. Nine deaths have occurred due to COVID-19.

In McCone County, there is 10 active cases as of Friday, Oct. 8. There are 230 recovered cases. There have been two COVID-related deaths.

Phillips County had 42 active cases as of Thursday, Oct. 7. There have been 602 recovered cases and 20 COVID-related deaths.

For Richland County there are 74 active cases and 1,496 recovered cases as of Friday, Oct. 8. Total COVID-related deaths are 18.

Vaccine Doses

In Roosevelt County 7,591 total doses have been administered. There have been 3,733 or 44 percent fully immunizations.

As of Oct. 8,1,033,867 total doses have been administered in Montana. There are 493,475 or 53 percent fully immunized Montanans.

The dashboard can be found at https://www.arcgis. com/apps/MapSeries/ index. html? appid=: 7 c-34f3412536439491adcc2103421d4b.

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