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Bearcubs Lose Against North Country

Frazer lost contests against North Country on Saturday, Jan. 16.

North Country’s girls won by a 69-23 margin. North Country led 37-4 at the end of the first quarter.

Angel Nelligan scored seven points for the Bearcubs. Justine Smoker added six points. Also scoring were Ameri Lorenz with four, Lianna Jackson with two, Audrey Smoker with two and Angeline White with two.

North Country’s boys earned a 55-20 win. The Mavericks took a 21-5 lead in the

first quarter. John Hotomanie led the Bearcubs with 10 points. Also scoring were Kevin Ackerman with three, Ty Fourstar with three, Jonathon Jackson with two and Joseph Bestin with two.

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