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Bainville Town Council To Crack Down On Weeds

Community News Staff The Bainville Town Council voted to get tougher on individuals who don't take proper care of their yards during Monday night's meeting.

Council member Travis Willis brought up the issue and asked for the item to be added to the agenda.

The council agreed that weeds are too high on some lawns and boulevards. In the recent past, the town charged property owners $20 per hour to take care of the areas after providing a warning.

Council member Chuck Hyatt said, “If anybody needs the city's services and equipment, it's $50 for man and machine.”

Bainville Mayor Dennis Portra noted that if people feel that $50 an hour is too high, the property owner can hire somebody else to perform the work.

“What we've particularly done here is encouraged people to hire high school kids, which is good,” Portra added.

The town will mail letters to property owners to notify them of the policy.

In other business during Monday's meeting: The council approved the discharging and selling of fireworks from noon on June 29 to 11:59 p.m. on July 5.

Members are considering the purchase of a town vehicle, probably a pickup. They will research insurance concerns regarding employees using their own vehicles.

Director of public works Lyle Lambert received permission to purchase 11-13 patriotic flags to hang on poles throughout Bainville's main street. Currently, posters of Bainville's recent graduates are spotlighted on the poles. Lambert will talk with school officials regarding the process of hanging items on the poles.

Lambert discussed problems with the pipe system in the sewer lagoon. He said the system is working fine but will be repaired soon for the long term.

Lambert added that the town's snow blower may be on its last legs and recommended purchasing another one. “We might be able to get through one more winter,” he said.

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