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Commissioners Approve Use Of Fairgrounds For Pound Puppies

The Roosevelt County Commissioners held their regular meeting Tuesday, May 19. The meeting was open to the public and accessible via conference call.

During public comment, Bill Juve asked when the regular meetings would be open for in-person public attendance. The commissioners explained that regular meetings are currently open to the public, with the continued option of attending via conference call.

A request from the road department was approved to purchase a John Deer disk blade for $16,250, as was a request to purchase an equipment upgrade for 911 dispatch.

The Wolf Point Pound Puppies were given permission to use the fairgrounds for a discounted spay and neuter clinic June 27-28. For more information, call 650-2177.

Rachel Gilbert was approved for hire by the weed district. Six individuals were approved for rehire as weed department staff: Logan Nickoloff, Carter Nickoloff, Noah Nickoloff, Dakota Smith, Payton Hauge and Lucas Oelkers. Commissioner Gordon Oelkers noted a conflict of interest and abstained.

Weed coordinator Clay Peterson asked the commissioners for guidance about pending training. The commissioners explained that gatherings of 10 or more people are not allowed under Phase 1 restrictions.

Annual pay raises were approved for dispatch employees Brandy Sutton and Jessica Walker.

The commissioners approved the resignation of detention officer Denise Drew.

A master agreement was approved between the Department of Public Health and Human Services and Roosevelt County for the dispersal of state monies totaling $34,700 to coordinate planning, implementation and provision of services with community stakeholders such as newspaper and radio, behavioral health organizations, local advisory councils, service area authorities, health care systems, healthcare providers, human service agencies that support social determinants of health such as housing, employment, food security and law enforcement officials, judicial systems and community members.

An explosives storage unit was approved for purchase by the Sheriff’s Office at a cost of $2,785.

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