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Headley’s first update, posted Tuesday, April 14, reported the start of the spawn/ egg-take effort.

“However, apparently Mother Nature isn’t sure what time of year it is,” Headley said. “Several days ago, water surface temperatures were approaching 50 degrees in the shallower areas where some our trap nets are located. As of yesterday, water temperatures dropped back down to 35 degrees due to the cold front that moved through the area bringing snow and nighttime lows into the upper teens.”

“The brief warm spell we experienced last week triggered a few walleye to start cruising the shorelines,” continued Headley. “As with the beginning of every walleye spawn, male walleye are typically more abundant. That pattern seems to hold true once again. A majority of the walleye captured in the trap nets have been males, but we have captured a few green (not releasing eggs) females as well. Surprisingly, we also managed to pick up a few ripe (releasing eggs) female walleye. These ripe females allowed us to hold two small egg-takes on Friday and Saturday.”

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