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Cybulski Closes Courtroom

Procedures For Public Access At Trials Unclear

Judge David Cybulski issued a notice March 24 closing the Roosevelt County Courtroom in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the notice, the courtroom will be locked and closed to the public indefinitely. Lawyers and other hearing participants will be able to participate by telephone, utilizing the Montana Judicial Video Network.

Lori Cole, Judicial Assistant for Chief Justice Mike McGrath of the Montana Supreme Court, told the Northern Plains Independent that the JVN system isn’t currently accessible to members of the public.

“We’re not quite there yet,” said Cole.

She said public health-related courtroom closures are just beginning in the state and procedures and policies are still being developed.

Norma Paulson, judicial assistant for Judge Cybulski, confirmed via email that access issues are unfolding while the courtroom remains closed. At press time, no trials are scheduled.

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