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MontanaPBS Supports Home Learning For Families, Educators During School Closures

MontanaPBS seeks to support all Montana citizens affected by the coronavirus outbreak, providing support through our educational programs and resources available on television and online. The MTPBS education department is collaborating with PBS stations across the country to curate digital and printable resources to support home learning for children ages 3-18.

“MontanaPBS is proud to provide quality digital resources that can be accessed across multiple platforms and printable materials to support student learning,” MTPBS director of education Nikki Vradenburg said.

Parents can find the resources on the MTPBS website at

Teachers and families are can join MTPBS closed groups on Facebook, where they are sharing information for supporting student learning. Find these groups by searching for “MTPBS Teachers” and “MTPBS Parents” on Facebook.

“MontanaPBS wants families and educators to know that all of our programs and resources on air and online are created for the purpose of educating adults and children of all ages,” Vradenburg said. “Furthermore, all PBS KIDS content for children ages 3 to 8 is aligned to learning goals in literacy, STEAM, social studies and social and emotional learning.”

As many schools are exploring options for distance learning, MTPBS recommends using the free website for teachers, PBS LearningMedia at www. as a resource for sharing educational media with students.

The website hosts thousands of media resources, including videos, images, interactive games, self-paced interactive lessons and learning activities to support exploration.

MontanaPBS LearningMedia integrates with tools such as Google classroom Remind and Clever to help teachers plan and implement engaging lessons for students. For teachers new to using the platform, free webinars are offered by PBS and other member stations. Educators can refer to the MTPBS website for this information.

The MontanaPBS Education department is led by two certified teachers who each have over a decade of classroom teaching experience. They are available to support and consult with educators, who are interested in exploring how to support student learning during school closures.

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