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Hunter Education Classes Offered Across Northeast Montana For Youth and Adults

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Hunter Education course dates have been set for many areas across Region 6. All hunter education classes are free of charge.

Many classes are being held prior to the April 1 application deadline for special permits for deer and elk. Future application deadlines include May 1 for moose, sheep and goat, and June 1 for deer B, elk B and antelope.

In the next few months, classroom courses (for youth) are being held at the following sites, with the start date listed:

•Havre: Feb. 20

•Glasgow: March 2

•Sidney: Feb. 18

•Bainville: March 7

•Havre: April 16

•Havre: May 7

•Glasgow: May 4

•Glasgow: Aug. 10 In Glasgow, the youth classroom course will be held in the Quonset building at the FWP headquarters. Classroom students need to pick up the Hunter Education Manual from the FWP office in Glasgow. Students are to read each chapter and complete all review sections before the start of class. If workbooks are not complete, students may not be able to continue the course.

For youth to be eligible to hunt and be fully certified during the 2020 season, hunters must be 12 years old by Jan. 16, 2021. Students aged 10 and 11 can take a course and hunt as an apprentice, but will not be fully certified until the year they turn 12. Preference will be given to 11- and 12-year-olds (or older) if the class becomes full. All registrants for these events must be 10 years old by the first day of class.

For the adult online field course, adults must complete the online hunter education course and receive a Field Day Qualifier Certificate. Adults looking to complete the online course can find instructions at The Field Day Qualifier Certificate and a picture ID are necessary to obtain entrance into the field course.

Adult online field courses are set for:

•Great Falls: March 14

•Glasgow: March 16, 5:309:30 p.m.

•Glasgow: May 19, 5:309:30 p.m.

In Glasgow, the online filed course will be held at the Quonset building at the FWP Headquarters.

Keep in mind that these may be the only/last hunter education course available at these sites this year. All students must register online at the FWP website,; click on the education tab, then click “hunter education programs”. Next, “Find a class or field course” and search for the available class in your area. Detailed instructions on dates, times and other information will be found on the registration page. Many classes require students to pick up a manual and complete chapter quizzes before class begins.

Instructors Needed

Hunter and bowhunter education are state-mandated courses, which are taught by dedicated volunteers. The heart of Montana’s Hunter and Bowhunter Education programs is this group of dedicated volunteer instructors. They stand as examples of how each hunter should demonstrate safety, ethics, behavior and responsibility to not only themselves, but also to landowners, other hunters and the resource.

Region 6 needs to recruit more of these dedicated men and women to continue to serve the area. Anyone who is at least 14 years old is eligible to apply. Volunteer instructors are being sought across the region, which includes the counties of Hill, Blaine, Phillips, Valley, Daniels, Mc-Cone, Sheridan and Roosevelt.

For information on becoming a Hunter or Bowhunter education instructor, visit the FWP web site at education/hunter/instructors/ to learn more and apply.

For any information or questions on these upcoming courses or becoming an instructor, contact Marc Kloker at 228-3704 or email [email protected]

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