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Marijuana Legalization Campaign Now Underway In Montana

A campaign to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana use has submitted two proposed ballot initiatives for state review, the group New Approach Montana has announced.

The first ballot proposal would legalize recreational use of marijuana for adults in Montana, establish a regulatory framework and a 20 percent sales tax. Part of the tax money would be used to reduce the tax on medical marijuana from two percent to one percent.

The second ballot issue is a constitutional amendment that would restrict marijuana consumption, like alcohol, to people age 21 or older.

The initiatives were delivered to the Secretary of State and Legislative Services Division on Jan. 13, Montana Public Radio reported. The Attorney General must approve the language before the group can start gathering signatures in an effort to put the issues before voters in November 2020.

The group needs over 25,000 signatures by June to put the marijuana legalization issue on the ballot and almost 51,000 signatures to qualify the constitutional amendment for the ballot.

Montana currently has a Medical Marijuana Program with 36,422 Montana residents holding a Medical Marijuana Card allowing them to legally access marijuana.

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