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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor:

In light of Martin Luther King Day and his accomplishments, I would like to address recent incidents at a basketball game between Wolf Point and Glasgow.

There was even a video on social media that circulated with an individual calling Wolf Point players racist names which I cannot repeat but apparently, the individual and friends thought it was funny. Racism and blind hatred, no matter who it is, is sad, disgusting, and far from comical.

There are those who came to watch a basketball game at a public venue with no other agenda in mind. Thrown in the mix were individuals, both adults and children who did not have the common sense or dignity to treat people with respect no matter what skin color they have. To subject others to this despicable behavior by those who cannot differentiate skin color from character is just what Martin Luther King fought against.

For those who teach their children that racism is okay, let me give you a dose of reality. When your children leave the confines of their hometown for college or whatever they choose to do in life chances are, they will either have to change their views, be really fast runners, or really good fighters. Simply put, they are in for a rude awakening. Some of the racial slurs that were being yelled out can get you hurt or worse in today’s society. You are teaching your children to hate, to degrade, and to be blatant in your Hitler-ish views of life. At least the cowards of yesteryear covered their heads in white sheets. So in conclusion, these incidences of racism do not belong in any public venue where families with children want to enjoy a very public basketball game. They do need to be dealt with. This is hurtful to others, hurtful to players, many who have relatives who endured the stain of racism in the educational system and in society. It hurts a community with others who are not racist. It does no good for anyone. My advice- if you want to watch basketball and you are a racist, stay home, put a sheet over your head, and demonstrate your views in the comfort of your own home. We don’t need them. Sincerely, Laura Ricker Wolf Point

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