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School Menus

Culbertson School Jan. 27: Chicken patty sandwiches, fries and pudding.

Jan. 28: Spaghetti, breadsticks and apple sauce.

Jan. 29: Chicken fried steaks, mashed potatoes and peas.

Jan. 30: Pulled pork sandwiches, chips and mandarin oranges.

Jan. 31: KFC bowls, biscuits and jello.

Bainville School Jan. 27: Breakfast: B& G. Lunch: Salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes, corn and mixed fruit.

Jan. 21: Breakfast: Scones. Lunch: Egg salad or tuna sandwiches, goldfish crackers, veggie sticks and peaches.

Jan. 22: Breakfast: Breakfast bars. Lunch: Lasagna rollups, garlic bread, Caesar salad and strawberries.

Jan. 23: Breakfast: Raspberry churros. Lunch: Orange chicken, rice, eggrolls and pineapple.

Jan. 24: Breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches. Lunch: Pizza, peas and bananas.

Froid School Jan. 27: Breakfast burritos, sweet potatoes, go-gurts and fruit.

Jan. 28: Riblet on buns, potato salad, veggies and fruit.

Jan. 29: Chicken alfredo, garlic bread, veggies, fruit and dessert.

Jan. 30: Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, veggies and fruit.

Jan. 31: Grilled chicken sandwiches, garbonzo beans/ chick peas, sweet potato fries and fruit.

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