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Commissioners Hire Water Tester For Brockton

The Roosevelt County Commissioners held their regular public meeting at the commissioners’ office in Wolf Point Tuesday, Nov. 26. Commissioners Gary Macdonald, Duane Nygaard and Gordon Oelkers were in attendance.

Minutes were passed for the Nov. 12 regular public meeting.

A resolution was passed concerning holiday hours for the Christmas holiday. Oelkers introduced a motion allowing county department heads to close at noon on Christmas Eve. Employees wishing to close early will have to provide a contact number for residents seeking services by Dec. 17. If closed, the offices will display the contact information on their respective doors. Early departures will have to arrange for the absence using vacation time.

Macdonald expressed opposition to the motion, saying it was at odds with existing statutes.

“It’s a gray area,” said Macdonald, “but I’m still against it.”

The motion passed 2-1.

Lyle Lambert was approved for hire as a certified water tester for Brockton. Lambert also performs water testing duties for Bainville and Culbertson.

Jared Poland was moved from part-time to full-time with the road department. Jessie Delisle was approved for hire with the dispatch center.

The Roosevelt County Detention Center and the courthouse received approval for software upgrades totaling $12,720. Oelkers said the expenditure will enable the departments to work in concert.

“Now, we’ll all be on the same page,” said Oelkers, “working together.”

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