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Roosevelt County DUI Task Force Scholarship Available

This year, the Roosevelt County DUI Task Force is o_ering up a scholarship of $500 to any high school senior graduating in 2020 from a school within the boundaries of Roosevelt County.

The focus of this year’s scholarship is to write an essay on how the student chooses to live above the infl uence of alcohol use, drug use, peer pressure, bullying or any other negative influences around them. By focusing on the positive aspects of the student, the task force is hoping to help empower them, and others around them, by making positive choices — which includes not drinking underage, not driving if impaired, and not riding with a driver who is impaired by alcohol or drugs. The scholarship essay criteria and entrance sheets can be found with any of the high school counselors, and must be submitted to the Roosevelt County Health Department through the schools’ counselors. The application deadline is March 25.

For any questions about the scholarship or to find out how you can become involved in the DUI Task Force and promote safe driving habits in Roosevelt County, contact A.J. Allen at [email protected] or call 653-6212.

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