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Blount Enjoys Bringing Fireworks To Community

Blount Enjoys Bringing  Fireworks To Community Blount Enjoys Bringing  Fireworks To Community

The bigger than ever fireworks’ display in Wolf Point is occurring on Thursday, July 4, thanks to the support of area businesses, organizations and individuals.

“Last year, we set the record and this year, we beat last year’s record,” organizer George “Mr. Fourth of July” Blount said. “The fireworks went up in price because of inflation, but we have great community support.”

He explains he starts making rounds around town near the end of May, and people are willing to open their wallets for the big show each year.

“It’s like clockwork now. Just about every business in Wolf Point participates,” Blount said.

The Wolf Point Community Organization makes the largest donation, but Blount is grateful for all contributions.

This year marks the 41st one that Blount is in charge of the fireworks’ display. He started after he returned home in 1983 from serving in the U.S. Army’s artillery unit.

Blount explains that his mother, Thelma, was the organizer of the Fourth of July celebration in Frazer for many years.

“They would also have a little parade, barbecue and horseshoes tournament,” George said. “She passed the torch to me.”

The celebration stayed in Frazer for about 15 more years, before making the move to Wolf Point.

George’s sons, Troy and Shawn, along with other family members assist with the production. Also providing a good amount of help are Dallas Casterline’s family members. Landoyn Ackerman has assisted in the process for many years.

“We’re looking forward to another great show,” George said.

In addition to the fireworks’ display at 10 p.m., the night will also feature live music from After Midnight starting at about 8 p.m. and a hot dog vendor.

He estimates that close to 3,000 people came to last year’s event.

The fireworks’ display will include a couple of illuminated flags.

“The grand finale will be the biggest ever,” Blount said. “We grow every year.”

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