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Toavs’ Voice Adds Enjoyment To Area Rodeo Events

Toavs’ Voice Adds Enjoyment To Area Rodeo Events Toavs’ Voice Adds Enjoyment To Area Rodeo Events

The enjoyment of a rodeo can partly be determined by the insight and abilities of the event’s announcer. Area rodeo fans have experienced the pleasure of hearing the voice of Robert Toavs for the past decade.

Toavs said his journey into the rodeo announcing field started when he was asked to try that skill during a Go-Getters’ youth rodeo about 10 years ago.

“It was through being an auctioneer,” Toavs said. “One of the Hansons got a hold of me.”

During 2015, he increased his schedule with announcing jobs at college rodeos and the Eastern Montana ranch rodeo finals.

“It took off from there, after that,” Toavs said.

He notes that he has always looked forward to rodeos, from his place in the stands.

“Those who can’t play, coach,” Toavs laughs. “I’ve always enjoyed the sport of rodeo.”

His favorite spots in the area for rodeos include Culbertson, Poplar and Scobey.

“If I do my job right, I can watch the crowd and see people sit up,” Toavs said. “That tells me I’m doing my job.”

Being involved with so many local rodeos, Toavs especially appreciates watching young cowboys and cowgirls grow into strong competitors on bigger stages.

“I like watching their careers blossom,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of contestants have their careers take off and their talents emerge. It’s fun to watch them grow in the sport. It’s becomes a big family.”

Although his favorite events are saddle bronc and bareback riding, he loves the playing of the National Anthem at rodeos. “The grand entry is probably my favorite part of the whole rodeo,” he said. “I still get a chill on my back.”

He remembers during a rodeo in Poplar when a man, with only one leg, pulled himself out of his wheelchair and got up using a fence to stand for the National Anthem.

“That to me was probably the highlight of the year,” Toavs said.

His goals as far as being a rodeo announcer include the NRA finals in Kalispell and eventually some PRCA rodeos. He recently finished the criteria for the PRCA. His schedule this season includes Polson, Malta, the ranch rodeo in Wolf Point, Culbertson and Scobey.

“God gives everybody a talent,” Toavs said. “Maybe having this voice is my talent, and I should put it to some good use.”

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