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Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Report


The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Report activity statistics for the past week were: Wolf Point city limits, 12; Wolf Point rural, four; Wolf Point FPHA areas, four; Poplar city limits, 10; Poplar rural, one; Poplar FPHA airport addition, one; Poplar FPHA all other, three; Culbertson town, 11; Culbertson rural, nine; Bainville town, two; Bainville rural, seven; Froid town, three; Williams County, one; Brockton rural, one; Fort Kipp, three; total, 75.

June 3

Deputies responded to a report of harassment at Fort Kipp that an adult male was verbally harassing Fort Peck tribal road department workers. It has reportedly been an ongoing problem. After searching for the male, deputies left the area.

June 5

Deputies assisted the Sidney Police Department with a request to help locate a witness from an assault call in 2022. Deputies located the individual in the Froid area and provided the person with the phone number for Sidney law enforcement.

Deputies assisted four Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice officers with a search warrant in Poplar. An adult female was arrested.

June 6

Deputies responded to the Wolf Point laundromat where a woman advised she was in the building when someone yanked her hair.

June 7

Deputies responded to near the Buckhorn Bar in Poplar where an adult male aggressively approached a woman who was sitting on the sidewalk near the bar. Deputy saw the man strike the female. Deputies restrained him. The FPTDLJ assisted. It was discovered that Henry Youpee Jr., 21, is on federal probation. He was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and protection of government officials and law enforcement. Youpee allegedly attempted to bite, scratch and kick a deputy.

Deputies and FPTDLJ responded to a male who was intoxicated near McDonalds in Wolf Point. Dylan Weston, 20, had two bench warrants. He attempted to flee by foot, but he was caught by law enforcement and a taser was used. He was transported to Trinity Hospital. He tried escaping through a back door at the hospital, but he was caught. He was cleared by the hospital and taken to tribal jail.

June 8

Deputies responded to a residence in Poplar for a possible overdose. An ambulance provided aid to the adult female.

Deputies assisted the Montana Highway Patrol and FPTDLJ regarding a male chasing another male with a knife in Poplar. There were no injuries and no charges filed.

Deputies responded to TJ’s Quik Stop in Poplar regarding a report of a male trying to start fights outside the business. The owner advised that he has a restraining order against the male. Patrick Johnson, 33, was charged with criminal contempt and criminal trespass.

Deputies and FPTDLJ responded to the Sherman Inn of a complaint of intoxicated individuals by the entryway.

June 9

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ with a complaint of four people fighting in downtown Poplar. An ambulance was requested. The incident remains under investigation.

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