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School Looks For Staff Replacements

Although school is now out for the summer break, the schedule for Wolf Point Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Perkins will remain very active. Probably at the very top of his list is hiring teachers for next fall.

The list recently became longer when the resignations of music director Russell Johnson and physical education teacher Frank Benson were received by the school board on Thursday, May 30.

Perkins said the amount of openings wasn’t a surprise to him at least until this point.

“We’ve been hiring as we go,” Perkins said. “We aren’t in a terrible position now.”

Other teaching vacancies include elementary music and high school math along with special education teachers. Perkins said, “Special education has been a problem, we’re not in terrible shape right now. We’re fortunate with several things, but you don’t know until the end of July, too.”

The superintendent has already been contacting college departments and other sources in search of finding a new music instructor.

“It’s a tough spot,” Perkins said of replacing Johnson. “We’re dealing with what comes. Music is tough. There isn’t much anymore that isn’t tough, to tell the truth.”

Many openings listed are currently held by Emergency Authorized Educators. The school district must advertise these positions to reasonably enable qualified applicants to submit applications and be interviewed.

Other positions being advertised include junior high principal, elementary dean of students, elementary behavior learning center teacher and school resource officer.

“It’s a puzzle, and it’s a moving puzzle,” Perkins said of filling positions.

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