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Patricia Pipe

Patricia Pipe, 82, of Wolf Point died May 25, 2024, at Faith Lutheran Home.

She was born March 18, 1942, to Jerome and Mabel (Redstone) Fourstar.

She will partly be remembered for work in her chosen profession. She made a decision to further her education while raising her family earning a bachelor’s degree in education from Eastern Montana College in Billings and a master’s degree in education administration from the University of North Dakota - Grand Forks, N.D. She went on to become a certified teacher which led her to teaching positions following her husband’s career starting at Pretty Eagle School in St. Xavier; then on to Crown Point, N.M.; Fort Yates, N.D.; Aneth, Utah; Lower Brule, S.D.; and finally settling on her home reservation with a position in Poplar.

However, what most will remember her for is the person she was as a teacher who cared for her community while walking her daily faith’s journey. As a devoted Christian, she shared her love for Jesus with people she met over the years. Her grandchildren and children remember her taking them to church at least three times a week. Her dedication to her beliefs showed in her profession as well. She treated every one of her students and coworkers with compassion.

She taught for 26 years at Poplar Public Schools and loved being part of many students’ lives. Some of her fondest recollections were bumping into former students in the community saying “Hello, Mrs. Pipe, remember me you helped me learn to read better.”

Over the years, family and friends learned she was also there for support however she could. Her faith was always a calming force for relatives and friends during their turbulent times. Many in the community can recall how she took the time to visit and offer prayers or assist with electric bills, water bills, rent, auto repairs parts, tires or often just share a meal.

She loved to cook and learn new recipes and would often show up at church potlucks with two or three dishes and a pie or cake.

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