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Local Pre-school Graduates Show Much Potential

Local Pre-school Graduates Show Much Potential Local Pre-school Graduates Show Much Potential

It appears that the area should be in good shape as far as having enough physicians, police officers and firefighters in the future if responses from Wolf Point’s preschool graduates are an indication.

During their graduation ceremony at Southside School on Wednesday, May 29, each of the young graduates was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up? Top responses were doctors, cops and firefighters, although super heroes was also a favorite answer.

The pre-school featured a total of 26 eager learners.

“They’ve learned so much. They have worked hard this year,” Southside Principal Tara Thomas said.

She noted that the students have great aspirations and they are capable of reaching their goals.

“It can happen. These guys can do big things,” Thomas said. “You have to help them pick a right path. This is the first step on a long education journey.” Teacher Laura Dennis enjoyed working with the young students. She said the T-shirts on the students features their hand prints.

“All year, I’ve taught them they are a class and need to look out for each other,” Dennis said.

The preschool students included Cable Braaten, Charlie Bushman, Rogan Connor, Brinley Fyfe, Lacy Keen, Brantley Lafromboise, Cruz Ledeau, Kane Lindsay, Jalissa Smith, Paxton Sutherland, Hayes Traeholt, Mark Traeholt, Soul Wieser, Ocean Wieser, Shirlee Gonzales, Michael Herrera, Addison Lilley, Esta Macdonald, Oakley Moran, Carly Porras, Ivy Spaur, Allison Talks Different, Duncan Vandall, Khavryn Weeks, Stone Weeks and Daniel Yellow Hawk.

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