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American Legion’s Olson Testifies At Contempt Hearing For Knudsens

American Legion’s Olson Testifies  At Contempt Hearing For Knudsens American Legion’s Olson Testifies  At Contempt Hearing For Knudsens

The ongoing dispute over access to American Legion Park in Culbertson continued May 28 with a hearing before District Court Judge David Cybulski in Wolf Point.

Peter Olson with American Legion Post #81 filed a motion April 24, asking Cybulski to hold Knudsen Family Limited Partnership, which includes state legislative candidates Miles and Rhonda Knudsen, in contempt. The Legion alleges that KFLP altered and blocked a road referred to in a ruling issued by the Montana Supreme Court in July, 2022.

The hearing consisted mainly of Olson’s testimony, which established the current and historic routes to the park, including an easement through land owned by KFLP. Olson also described damage and alterations to the historic route made by Miles Knudsen after the Supreme Court ruling.

The Legion was represented by attorney Kevin Chapman. Attorney Laura Christoffersen was also on hand representing the Town of Culbertson.

Knudsen, who was represented by son Jordan Knudsen, stipulated to nearly all of the facts presented to the court, acknowledging accusations that the route was changed or blocked in different ways since the district and high courts granted access to the Legion and the public.

Following testimony, Cybyulski instructed the attorneys to prepare briefs on the question of whether or not the current location of the route to park presents an ongoing obstacle to access.

Cybulski gave the attorneys two weeks to prepare their arguments and a week for responses. A ruling on the contempt issue is expected to follow preparation of the briefs.

More than dozen people attended the hearing, including many Culbertson residents and several county officials. Additional testimony was provided by GIS coordinator Clayton Vine and county resident Dana Berwick.

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