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Online Korean War Exhibit Opens

Online Korean War Exhibit Opens Online Korean War Exhibit Opens

A new online-only exhibit created by the Montana Historical Society explores the experiences of area residents who participated in the Korean War. Situated between World War II and the Vietnam War, the Korean War is often overshadowed by those conflicts despite its own far-reaching geopolitical implications, many of which remain present today.

“In comparison to World War II and the Vietnam War, the Korean War is often seen as an isolated conflict with minor repercussions. However, the war had far-reaching geopolitical implications and in part shaped the Cold War,” said Aaron Rau, a Montana Historical Society archivist who put together on the project with senior registrar Kendra Newhall. “We wanted to create an exhibit that offers a glimpse into the experiences of Montanans who served in this relatively overlooked conflict. And, as Memorial Day approaches, the exhibit also serves to recognize and honor the sacrifices they made.”

“Voices of the Forgotten War” includes oral histories, transcripts, photographs, and artifacts related to Montanans who served in the war. The audio, images, and artifacts in this collection offer a unique glimpse into this relatively overlooked conflict.

“The objects related to Ethel LaRock and her lengthy military service (1952-1976) are among the most interesting items on display,” Newhall said. “Ethel had a dynamic and fascinating career that led to her traveling the world, from Southeast Asia to Europe. She was awarded a Bronze Star for her service in the Korean War and, by the time she retired, held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Later in her life, Ethel spent many years volunteering here at the Montana Historical Society. She told the best stories and was a pure joy to be around.”

The Korean war started on June 25, 1950, when North Korea — supported by China and the Soviet Union — invaded South Korea, which was supported by the United States and the United Nations.

Following the invasion by North Korean troops, the United Nations, which was led by the United States, committed ground troops to the Korean Peninsula to prevent the collapse of South Korea. What today is known as the Korean Conflict lasted for three long years, and as no formal peace treaty was signed, the conflict remains unresolved in a “frozen” state of hostilities.

View the exhibit by visiting mthsmuseum.catalogaccess. com/exhibits/110.

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