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Oelkers Seeks Governor’s Assistance With Fertilizer Plant

Roosevelt County Commissioner Gordon Oelkers asked for Gov. Greg Gianforte’s continued support regarding the proposed Cyan H2 Eastern Montana Fertilizer Company during Gianforte’s campaign stop in Sidney on Wednesday, May 15.

Oelkers told the governor that about 30 percent of the project has been funded. Officials are waiting to hear about a federal grant for the remaining starting costs. Oelkers hoped that Gianforte could urge Montana’s federal delegation to speed up the process.

“I’m happy to write a letter to the federal delegation,” Gianforte said. Oelkers noted that the company plans to hire about 200 employees. He said that could help eastern Montana, which lost employment opportunities with the closures of Sidney Sugars and Savage coal mine.

The company currently has its 442-acre site under legal control and has secured more than 90 percent of natural gas pipeline easements and water pipeline easements required.

Gianforte said that with the ups-and-downs of the oil industry, it’s important to support agriculture endeavors.

During the event, Gianforte said that work has been taking place for a homestead tax exemption. Oelkers is a member of the Montana Property Tax Task Force.

The proposed homestead tax exemption will lower the tax rate for Montana residents’ primary home.

“That could have a very positive impact,” Gianforte said.

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