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School Menus

Frontier School May 20: Cheeseburgers and fries.

May 21: Tuna croissants, fruit and veggies.

May 22: Egg rolls and rice. May 23: Hot dogs and fries. May 24: No school. *** Wolf Point School May 20: Breakfast: Mini Wheats, graham crackers and plums. Lunch: Hot ham and cheese sandwiches, celery, romaine blend, cauliflower, tater tots and pineapple.

May 21: Breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches and watermelon. Lunch: Hamburgers, lettuce, fries, cheese, tomato, broccoli and mixed fruit.

May 22: Breakfast: Muffins, yogurt and mangoes. Lunch: Mandarin orange chicken, rice, fortune cookies and mandarin oranges.

May 23: Breakfast: Breakfast pizza and pineapple. Lunch: Hot dogs, baked beans, peaches, romaine blend with kale and celery. *** Lustre School May 20: Chicken and rice. May 21: Tacos. May 22: Barbecue food. May 23: Sandwiches and chips.

May 24: No school.

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