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On Sunday, May 5, Lustre Christian High School faculty and parents gathered to honor students who were chosen to be inducted into the National Honor Society. They were Emeka Aniobi, Mason Hilkemann, Hannah Marasco, Rachel Pew and Natoli Tesgera. A separate service of commitment will be held for inductee Abby Olfert, who could not attend.

Deborah Cateell, NHS Adaisor introduced Wilbur Unrau, who spoke to the group as a 1967 inductee for LCHS of the NHS. The first NHS was in 1966 with Evonne Brown and Jean Toews being inducted by Principal Myron Blackwell. Unrau recounted the framed verse at the front of their chapel hall with the words “Study to show yourself approved to God.” He spoke of the values of scholarship, service, leadership and character, emphasizing that “kindness and the ability to recognize and stand for the truth are so much needed in today’s world”. “How desperately we need leaders of character.” “The best example of good leaders, are leaders who serve.” He said, “You look more like Jesus when you serve.”

Students already in NHS gave the requirements for


being chosen, beyond the required 3.5 grade point average. Cassidy Grider lit the maroon candle symbolizing a “commitment to learning which furnishes the lamp by which we read the past and the light which illuminates the future.” “Knowledge comes from God.” Alexa Reddig lit a candle representing service, defined as “willingness to work for the benefit of those in need, without monetary compensation and without recognition.” Grace Brown lit the green candle representing a “growth in leadership.” She said, “A country’s resources are ineffectual without good and wise leadership.” “Godly leadership requires a trust and belief in God because He is our only source of strength. God helps us determine our goals and gives us the ability and confidence to follow through. The price of leadership is sacrifice — the willingness to yield one’s personal interests for the interests of others.”

Sarah Dahl instructed the inductees in the NHS pillar of character. “Character demonstrates such qualities as respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring and citizenship. We must be in reality what we wish to appear to others.” She said, “Good character means having upright morals and spiritual values, so that it may lead others on right paths. Good Christian character is achieved through a strong love and faith in Jesus Christ.” She encouraged her peers to “Start to build your personality on the Solid Rock of character today and evil will not uproot its foundation.”

Being a member of the National Honor Society is lifelong. It is “a continuing commitment to learning, to serving, to having good character and to leading in a way that brings wholesomeness to one’s school and community.” Their pledge included a commitment to the LCHS.

The LCHS music students attended State Music Festival and all received superior ratings, except Katie Calderon who received a high “two”. They were accompanied by Melissa Marasco and Merideth Reddig.

Flowers lined the hallway toward an arch where dorm students, dressed in black and white, waited to escort diners to their pleasantly decorated tables on Sunday, April 28. It was the dorm activity fundraiser and they presented a dinner cooked by Tori Bell.

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