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Fort Peck Community College Sees 79 Grads

Fort Peck Community College held graduation festivities at the Poplar campus May 10.

The 79 graduates in the spring class included Carolyn Adams, Alicia Ayers, Allie Azure, Dominique Bad Bear, Tina Bierle, Emerson Birdtail, Nicholas Blount, Mercedes Budak, Collette Cotton, Brevin Crawford, Courage Crawford, Hailin Crawford, Ashley Dale, David Dale, Evron Davis, Jordan Day, Tyler Desjarlais, Donald Eagleman, Danica Edwards, Cheyenne Loy Foote, Mya Fourstar, Justus Goodfeather, Jordan Grainger, Joseph Herzog, Waynetta Hill, Katrina Hines, Carol Isle, Henry Isle, Yvette Kawaski, Durann Lambert, Carter Longtree, Jeffery Low Dog, Clayton Marchwick, Damica McConnell, Kristina Mikkelson, Erin Ownspipe, Myron Red Eagle Jr., Lindsay Reid, Jana Scott, Jerreth Shawl, Savanah Smith, Savannah Taypayosatum, Melissa Toavs, Ashley Trottier and Emalee Vargas.

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