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Prosecutor Youpee Arrested, Terminated

By James Walling

According to the Fort Peck Journal, a recently dismissed Fort Peck Tribal prosecutor is facing charges after allegedly attacking a defendant in open court April 9.

Prior to the incident, former prosecutor Marvin Youpee Jr. submitted a letter of resignation to the Tribal Executive Board in Poplar April 8, but the board rejected the letter.

Board member Jestin Dupree told area media that Youpee could not be forced to work, but said his resignation letter was rejected due to factual inaccuracies and other issues.

“The tribal board doesn’t oversee individual employee matters or issues,” Dupree told the Northern Plains Independent.

“That’s where I believe where we task our directors and our chairman’s office overseas that process,” Dupree said.

Youpee is currently facing tribal charges for simple assault and disorderly conduct stemming from the April 9 incident. He is accused of running at and striking Morris Buckles while he was on the stand April 9. He is also accused of yelling obscenities.

The case was pending at press time May 7.

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