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Joaquin Andrews

Joaquin Walks Two Andrews, 49, of Brockton died April 26, 2024.

He was born May 19, 1974, in Phoenix, Ariz., to Doris Rae Bighorn Andrews and Murray Andrews. About a year later, he was on this first airplane trip for the move to Brockton.

He graduated from Poplar High School and, after a couple of years of employment at the Fort Peck Tribal Express, he attended the United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck, N.D. He graduated with a degree in graphic/ commercial design. Later, he would be employed at UTTC in the same department. A few years and a couple of jobs later, he moved back to Brockton. He was employed with the Fort Peck Tribes Transportation Department up until his death.

At an early age, he was curious about symbols, letters and pictures. He started drawing pictures of stories he made up, usually of space ships or anything to do with

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