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Governor Gianforte Encourages Montana Students To Participate In America’s Field Trip Contest

Monday, May 6, Governor Greg Gianforte encouraged Montana students in grades 3 to 12 to participate in America’s Field Trip, a nationwide scholastic contest designed to engage youth in commemorating the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

“Montanans are proud to be American, and it is important for us to instill this patriotic spirit in the next generation,” Gov. Gianforte said. “As we approach our nation’s 250th anniversary, our students should have a deeper understanding of the timeless ideals that guided our nation’s founding of liberty and justice for all.”

Organized by America250, the national organization tasked with preparing for the U.S. Semiquincentennial in 2026, the contest gives students across the country the opportunity to win a field trip to some of the nation’s most iconic historic and cultural landmarks, including Montana’s Yellowstone National Park. Based on grade level, students can submit artwork, videos or essays conveying what America means to them.

The Montana 250th Commission, which is charged with planning and implementing a state program to celebrate the 250th anniversary in 2026 is supporting the nationwide contest.

“Whether students talk about their own lived experiences with being an American or highlight the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in their entries, I anticipate Montana’s youth will produce poignant reminders of how fortunate we are to live in the greatest nation on earth,” said Chris Averill, Chair of the Montana 250th Commission.

Averill continued, “I hope every teacher will find a way to encourage their students’ participation. The Montana 250th Commission looks forward to our students’ submissions and plans to honor those who participate in this contest at a future meeting.”

The contest is open to all students in grades 3 to 12, including homeschooled students. The content ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on May 17, 2024. Information on guidelines, rules, teacher resources, and how to submit entries can be found at https://america250. org/FieldTrip/.

To watch the governor’s announcement, visit https:// status/1787572183545602450.

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