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Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board Passes Gaming License, Opens New Cemetery

During the Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board’s full meeting April 22 in Poplar, a cemetery plan for Poplar was approved as was a gaming premises license for Buck Skin Bucks Casino located at Poplar’s Fort Peck Video.

The board agreed to sponsor the Fort Peck Sioux singers with $1,000 to attend the G.O.N. powwow as invited drum representing the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes.

The board approved of the formation of the Fort Peck Tribes Policy Board and its officers: chairwoman, Sunee Erickson; vice-chair, Sue Parker; secretary, Misty Daniels; officers, Martina Wilson, RaeJean Belgarde, Melvin Scott, Ona Windchief, Sheila Spotted Bull, Adriann Ricker, Vernette Perry, Barry Bighorn, Kristofer Fourstar, Justiss Tovas; and council representative, Rita Weeks.

The purchase of the Medicine Wheel sign for $3,314.31 was approved.

The implementation of the new salary table was also approved, updated from the 2023 Department of Law and Justice uniformed division and criminal investigator division.

The board voted to endorse the draft recommendations of the modernization study, with appropriate consultation of the Tribal Executive Board and Fort Peck Water Association. They also authorized an amendment for the Frazer Pump Station Access Road Project - Fort Peck Tribes Environmental Assessment in the amount of $66,450.

The board authorized the Fort Peck Tribes, through the Fort Peck Tribal Court, to enter into a professional services agreement and appoint Majel Russell as a special tribal prosecutor.

The board formally recognized the Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center’s partnership with the Fort Peck Tribes Planning Department for the development of its Horsemanship/ Equine Program.

They authorized an additional 30-day extension for temporary employment of Stanley Longtree as assistant cook.

The board approved the tribal health program to work with the Fort Peck Development Team, JGA Architects and Interstate Engineering to develop a cost analysis in restoring the former dining hall/kitchen or in the alternative of restoration demolition with construction of a new building and ARPA funds will be allocated for this cost analysis portion.

Carrie Manning was approved for the Education Board position for Wolf Point. Jerica Olson was approved for the Correctional Institute Administrator position. Patrick Bad Bear was approved for the security director position.

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