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High Winds, Hail Felt Last Week Across Area

Monday, April 22, saw high winds across the region with the National Weather Service office in Glasgow reporting the highest measured wind speed at 67 miles per hour.

That was reported at 3:46 p.m. 2.4 miles east of Fort Peck in an unofficial report from the NWS and its partners.

Other reports include 61 mph, 5 miles east of Hoyt, 13 miles north-northeast of Nelson Creek Recreation Area, and at Fort Peck South; 60 mph at the Wolf Point Airport and at 2 miles west-southwest of Thoeny; and 59 mph at 8.5 miles southwest of Bredette.

A wind speed of 58 mph was reported at 2 miles west of Bloomfield, .9 miles south of Malta, the Glasgow airport and 10 miles south of Vida. Twelve miles south-southeast of Sprole reported 56 mph winds, as did 6 miles south of Comertown. Two miles west of Bloomfield, 5 miles west-northwest of Landusky and Lewistown Port No. 2 all reported 55 mph winds.

Cape Air canceled several of its flights into the area due to the high winds.

The Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department assisted Valley County with a fire near Wiota Monday evening.

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