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Hearing Determines Summers Did Not Violate Code Of Ethics

After a hearing was conducted by the Fort Peck tribal executive board on Monday, April 15, regarding the conduct of one of its members, the votes came up shy in disciplining TEB member Stacey Summers.

The executive board discussed the alleged code of ethics violation in closed session from 9:04 a.m. to 3:43 p.m. on Monday.

Two-thirds of the board or seven votes were needed to rule against Summers. The vote regarding an unethical violation failed by a 6-5 margin. Voting in favor of the motion that there was a violation were Jestin Dupree, Lawrence Hamilton, BJ Johnson, Marva Chapman, Wayne Martell and Bryce Kirk.

Summers posted on social media after the vote, “It was a great day, TY for all the support.”

Last month, the board approved a resolution by a 7-4 margin to conduct the hearing to hold the hearing.

After that vote, in March, board member Roxanne Gourneau pointed out, “By virtue of this vote, I don’t want anybody to minimize this. It’s basically saying that there’s enough evidence in this complaint to warrant this hearing.”

Board member Carolyn Brugh said the board has many projects to work on and they need to work together to achieve the goals. She said the hearing will only create hard feelings.

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