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Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Report

The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office responded to 34 calls April 1-8.

April 1

Deputies responded to a report of a vehicle being driven erratically west of Poplar. Deputies and the Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice searched but couldn’t locate the vehicle.

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ regarding two males fighting on the sidewalk near Lucky Lil’s in Wolf Point. Law enforcement instructed the men to stay separated.

April 2

Deputies took a complaint concerning a strange vehicle being seen near the elevator on Montana Highway 13. Deputies took information about the vehicle from elevator employees.

Deputies responded to a complaint near the Culbertson School of three juvenile males mooning people. The juveniles were told to keep their clothes on.

April 3

Deputies responded to a report of a domestic disturbance in rural Poplar. The FPTDLJ assisted with the call. After checking for warrants, it was discovered an adult male and an adult female had warrants for their arrest. The FPTDLJ took over the call.

The deputy/coroner responded to a call from the Poplar hospital regarding a report of a death.

Deputies assisted the Wolf Point Police Department and transported an adult male to the tribal jail.

April 4

Deputies responded to rural Bainville to assist medical staff with an elderly woman who had fallen and suffered injuries.

Deputies were called to Brockton for a domestic dispute between an adult male and an adult female. The male was refusing to leave the residence. Once law enforcement arrived, the male agreed to leave the residence on his own.

April 5 Deputies took a complaint of improper use of social media involving photos.

Deputies received a report of a stolen vehicle in Fort Kipp. The vehicle was later found abandoned in Poplar. Deputies have identified a suspect and will provide a report to tribal court.

April 6

Deputies received a report of a protection order violation, which was done through social media. Deputies are investigating.

April 7

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ with a report of a burglary in Poplar. The incident is still under investigation.

In addition to the citations above, the RCSO had the following activity: Wolf Point city limits, one; Wolf Point rural, four; Poplar rural, six; Poplar FPHA all other, one; Culbertson town, eight; Culbertson rural, one; Bainville town, one; Bainville rural, six; Froid town, one; Froid rural, five; Brockton town, four; Fort Kipp, four; total, 42.

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