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County Sheriff, Attorney Visit Culbertson Council Meeting

County Sheriff, Attorney Visit  Culbertson Council Meeting County Sheriff, Attorney Visit  Culbertson Council Meeting

The Culbertson Town Council held their regular meeting Monday, April 8. Attendance was high with more than a dozen visitors, including Raedelle Aspenlieder, Steve and Shelley Baldwin, Ken Forbregd and DeAnne Weeks.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks representatives attended via call and answered questions about a proposed boat ramp on north side of the Missouri River at the Culbertson Bridge. After consideration, the council decided to pass on plans for the new ramp and parking area due to concerns about safety and congestion. FWP’s Drew Henry said the organization would dedicate funds to improving and maintaining the current ramp and campground on the south side of the river.

Sheriff Jason Frederick and Roosevelt County Attorney Thomas Bleicher attended the meeting to answer questions about the new interlocal law enforcement agreement, which includes dramatically increased costs to the town. Frederick alleviated some concerns when he clarified that the agreement will not ask the town cover the cost of a new patrol vehicle, which Frederick estimated could run as high as $70,000 over four years.

“It’s been 10 years,” explained Frederick. He said the current agreement reflects a long overdue adjustment.

Mayor Todd Gabriel and council member Dave Solem pressed Frederick for more orderly reports and greater responsiveness to ordinance-related calls. Frederick also warned about the possible negative impacts from a new fertilizer plant planned for construction east of town. He said the estimated influx of as many as 3,200 workers would bring additional crime.

Aspenlieder addressed the council about creating a town cleanup day, which she said is badly needed prior to Frontier Days and area graduations. Clerk Terri Merrill agreed to meet with Aspenlieder this week to discuss details. Volunteers for the event are badly needed.

The council heard from a representative for the U.S. Highway 2 Association via call and passed a resolution to rejoin the group and pay the $100 annual fee.

A resolution was passed leveling out all municipal pool swimming lesson fees at $30. The council also agreed to keep gate fees of $1 to $3 the same for the upcoming season.

Forbregd told the council that perch are flourishing at Ike’s Fishing Pond and Walking Trail and said 500 trout are being delivered.

Following the meeting, public hearings were held for C& B Operations land use map amendment and a resolution to annex their new location into the town limits.

The next regular meeting is set for May 13 at 6:30 p.m.


Roosevelt County Sheriff Jason Frederick (right) visited the Culbertson Town Council April 8 to discuss the new interlocal law enforcement agreement.

(Photo by James Walling)

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