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Fox Finds Joy With Creative Writing

Fox Finds Joy With Creative Writing Fox Finds Joy With Creative Writing

When Wolf Point High School teacher Doug Evans gave the assignment for students to write short stories, one student who was happy with the plan was senior Callan Fox.

Fox said his favorite hobby is creative writing.

“Fictional stories are what I’m good at,” Fox explained. “I look at something and an idea comes to me.”

The senior said the subjects for his writing can come from anywhere or anything.

Fox said he used to write once a day, but because of currently having a busy schedule, he writes as often as he can now.

“One day I hope to write a big story or a book,” Fox said. His submission for the class assignment was titled Kept Walking, and the entry received a good amount of praise.

Other hobbies for Fox include traveling and reading fiction books.

He preferred not to list his favorite class or teacher.

“I don’t like to upset people,” he said.

He has been a member of Wolf Point High School’s golf team for four years. He explained that he starting playing the sport when he was only 5 when he was instructed by his father.

Fox is hoping for his best golf season ever. “I want to make the most out of it because it’s the final year for me being in this building.”

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