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Culbertson Chamber Of Commerce Meets

The Culbertson Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture met March 7 at Culbertson Town Hall. The meeting opened at 3:30 p.m. Culbertson Mayor Todd Gabriel, Jaimee Green, chamber president Wayne Hendrickson, Shelley Baldwin, Ken Forbregd, Tessa Rumsey, Terri Merrill, Laurie Pearson, Cassandra Bergum and Larisa Zahn were present.

Hendrickson noted that new officers were elected in December and that the number of members attending the meeting has grown considerably. With the attendance of a Culbertson Museum representative, he suggested the museum be added to the reports that are given at the end of each chamber meeting.

Minutes from the Dec. 5 meeting were reviewed. Gabriel motioned to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Forbregd and approved.

The yearly slate of community events was reviewed and discussed. Upcoming events include the Culbertson High School’s district music festival April 19-20, the successful Cottonwood Club Easter Egg Hunt in March; Frontier Days, June 7-8, and the Roosevelt Memorial Healthcare Foundation Fall Fest “Capone’s Speakeasy Gangster Gala,” which is set for Oct. 5.

The treasurer’s report was provided by Pearson. A total of $3,621.92 is in the budget. Bergum motioned to approve the report, seconded by Baldwin, motion carried.

Forbregd and Merrill explained to the board that they are working on a tourism project/grant that will enable the community to create a tourism plan to better capture tourism dollars. Merril said a committee is needed to work on this project. She requested that some chamber members consider serving on the committee.

Gabriel suggested working the committee into a few minutes of the Chamber meeting to help complete the work needed to move the project forward.

Discussion ensued about the lack of housing in the community. It was agreed that this is a barrier to getting more people to move to the area. Gabriel noted that work is underway to alleviate that barrier through some State assistance and planning.

It was noted that the Culbertson Foundation is currently “dormant” and that more members are needed to get it back up and running.

A funding request was made by Culbertson School to cover the expense of hosting the district music festival. Forbregd motioned to provide up to $200 to provide snacks and drinks in the volunteer hospitality room. The motion passed.

A funding request was made by the Cottonwood Club for $500 to help buy items to fill Easter eggs for its annual Easter Egg Hunt. Bergum motioned to approve allocating $500 toward the project, seconded by Baldwin, motion passed. Hendrickson noted the chamber always requests items be purchased in town through local businesses when funding is provided by the chamber.

Organization reports were provided by Gabriel for the city, Green for Roosevelt Medical Center, Forbregd on Ike’s Pond and Zahn on the Culbertson Museum.

The next meeting date is set for May 2 at 3:30 p.m. at town hall.

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