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Cannabis Sales In Roosevelt County Increase During Month Of February


By Bill Vander Weele

Cannabis sales in Roosevelt County increased in February, according to figures from the Montana Department of Revenue.

Total sales in Roosevelt County were $415,671 during the month of February for an average of $14,333 daily. Sales were $352,864 in January or $11,382 daily. During December, sales were at $394,199.

Sales in Richland County were $896,128 in February for a daily average of $30,900. Sales were $894,922 during January. Sales were $966,739 during December.

Sales for other eastern Montana counties during February included $132,361 for Valley, $131,891 for Custer and $588,299 for Dawson.

The counties with the top amount of sales during February included Yellowstone at $4,285,642, Gallatin at $3,884,534, Missoula at $3,045,719, Flathead at $2,454,587, Lewis and Clark at $1,649,892 and Silver Bow at $1,111,089.

For the entire state, sales were at $25,091,075 during February. Sales were slightly down from $25,110,065 in January and $26,886,443 in December.

Since legal purchases started in January 2022, the total amount of sales in Montana is $672,932,155.

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