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Council Discusses Fertilizer Plant Project

At the Wolf Point City Council’s regular meeting Monday, March 18, the council heard a presentation from a group called Team Clean Energy regarding a fertilizer plant to be constructed near Culbertson.

The site, which is located on approximately 200 acres between Culbertson and Bainville, is expected to generate more than 3,000 jobs, including more than 1,000 permanent jobs.

The council passed a letter of support to add to letters from the Governor’s Office, Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines and Roosevelt County Commissioner Gordon Oelkers.

A loose schedule is projecting that construction on the project will begin in 2025. If it moves forward, the plant is expected to open in 2028.

For more information, call project organizers at 406621-0508 or write to

Greg Lukasik gave an update on wastewater system improvements. He said the city has been awarded planning grants in excess of $40,000.

The council discussed a request from the Wolf Point Police Department to purchase two patrol vehicles and a vehicle for animal control. Detailed pricing and bids are expected at the April meeting.

The council is considering bids for a new cleaning contract at the airport. The matter was referred to committee. Costs and bids are expected at the next regular meeting.

The council passed a resolution adding an option for local government review to the upcoming county ballot.

An application for city attorney was received from Montana Wilson. No action was taken. The end date for applicants is May 31.

Claims and payroll were approved. The next regular council meeting is set for April 15.

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