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Sietsema Seeks Commissioner Position

Sietsema Seeks Commissioner Position Sietsema Seeks Commissioner Position

Former Roosevelt County employee Dan Sietsema has filed for the position of Roosevelt County commissioner. The office is currently held by long-time commissioner Gary Macdonald, who is retiring.

Sietsema was the second candidate who filed for the position. Dean Mahlum has also filed. Doug Marottek also filed early this week.

Sietsema served as the county’s Disaster and Emergency Services coordinator for 30 years before retiring seven years ago.

He has 32 years of military service including eight years of active duty with the Navy and several years with the Montana National Guard. He performed a tour of duty in Iraq in 2004-2005. He grew up in Minnesota before moving to Montana in 1982.

Sietsema noted that while he was DES coordinator that he worked with many of the county’s departments.

“I have a firm understanding of budgeting,” he said. “People don’t realize you can only use certain money for certain things.”

The example he provided is that the fuel tax from the state must be spent on county roads.

He noted that he’s retired and isn’t interested in the position because of the salary. “There are some issues I would like to be resolved,” Sietsema said about the county.

If elected, he said he would observe to determine how many working hours are needed to be an effective commissioner.

During his time as DES coordinator, he says he developed good working relationships with fire departments, EMS, hospitals and the sheriff’s office.

He said he was approached by a few residents to replace Macdonald on the board of commissioners.

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